“There is a divine sweetness and softness the fragrance carries that is majestic.
All of the products I’ve experienced from, room sprays, to body oils, body soap, and candles, feels like a gentle, warm, fragrant kiss of baby’s breath, the sweetest scent ever known to a mother. There is wisdom and comfort, a warmth and softness in the scent of the musk, highlighted by the sweetness of the other elements. It is most pleasant and delightful."
~ Kirti


"Ah! I’m absolutely in LOVE with my J’aime products. I received a dreamy package of goodies that have taken my senses to euphoric places repeatedly. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! The packaging is so beautiful and what’s inside is every sensual person’s ultimate delight. The Fire fragrance oil is exactly what it says it is....HOT. So sexy! My man loves it on me. The white sage and eucalyptus candle is currently my favorite scent for my salt bath rituals. And the hand sanitizing spray is so fresh! I love the room and body sprays too. This is a perfect gift for people like me who live for decadence and sensual pleasures. Highly HIGHLY recommend!!"


“I am really enjoying my new J’aime products! I just received a gift box of them from a dear friend. The room/body mists and Earth oil is amazing. I interchange between the mist and oil. I love them because they’re both light and sensual. The Eucalyptus sage smudge stick is perfect as I am entering a new season of cleansing and renewal. The Peace soy candle is a beautiful scent to accent my house, not overpowering which I love. The fragrant soap and hand sanitizer are perfect additions as well. Truly refreshing, natural products!” ~Mariama 




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